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An innovative grammar resource

Designed to put the FUN into the fundamentals of English grammar, our flagship product–Brashcard™ Packs–helps students make the connection between parts of speech and how they're used in sentences. Even more exciting products are on the horizon!


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Meet the Grammar Nerds

I was an Essentials tutor last year for Classical Conversations and your Brashcards helped me so much in challenging my students who had already done the sentences in our guide. This year I am directing Challenge A with Classical Conversations but have a third-year Essentials son. Your cards are going to make it very easy for me to assign him more difficult sentences to parse and diagram! 

Ellen B.

We absolutely loved using Brashcards last year.  My eldest daughter was in her third year of essentials with Classical Conversations last year and we were looking for something different to diagram than the same sentences we had been using in the essentials guide the previous two years.  These were perfect since they tied into both what we were studying that week in CC as well as the current historical period!

Kristin T.

I love these cards for various reasons. I love that they are themed and go along with out Classical Conversations cycles. Instead of trying to recreate the wheel and make up sentences to diagram, Brashcards has already done that for me. I really love that it’s color coordinator to distinguished the parts of a sentence. The cards have kept us going all through summer after CC classes are over.

Raquel R.

Thank you so much for taking the time to put these amazing cards together!  I was at our Classical Conversations Practicum in May and learned about these cards and was amazed!  I really do try to give it a good effort to make up sentences for my kiddos or preplan example for my Essentials class, but never do a very good job!  This is going to make teaching grammar this year so much easier! Thank you again!  

Courtney V.

I just started using the Ancient History cards yesterday. I LOVE THEM! I love the connection to the Foundations memory work. I love the opportunity they give me to have discussions about the history content with my Essentials-aged son. I love that I don't have to come up with my own sentences to work on each week because y'all have done it for me and matched them to the Essentials goals and content PERFECTLY! I could go on and on...so many good things to say about these cards!

Anita T.