Detectives in Togas

Detectives in Togas

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This set of 20 Brashcards™ features sentences inspired by Detectives in Togas {affiliate link}, a delightful history-mystery that aligns with Classical Conversations’ Cycle 1 curriculum.

The mini literature pack contains a variety of simple and complex sentences like these: 

  • Show kindness to your classmates and avoid insults.
  • Rufus is probably not a criminal, but he is in jail.
  • The Censor’s official, Megabates, was grumpy, but he provided valuable information to the boys.

Visual students will appreciate Grammar Nerds Club's color-coding for various parts of speech as they learn to diagram sentences. 

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This product is a digital download: by your purchase, you are acknowledging that no physical cards will be shipped to you. The product is a PDF file that can be downloaded and viewed on a computer or printed on card stock and cut to make individual cards (sized 5.5" x 4.25"). 

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