King Arthur

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This set of 20 Brashcards features sentences from the classic tale of King Arthur. This set is a free download to encourage students to participate in a Brashcard challenge!

In addition to the Brashcards and a sentence list, the digital package includes:

  • Sticker charts (2 versions)
  • Banana “sticker” sheet (print on label paper and cut out)
  • Brash Cash
  • Punch Cards for 1/2/3 “tour” students (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

We hope Essentials tutors and/or parents will enjoy coming up with a challenge for their students that will help them keep their diagramming skills fresh during the holiday break! We'd love to see how you're using these materials, so please tag your photos of completed diagrams or other challenge-related activities on our social media channels (Facebook or Instagram) with #WinterBrashcardsChallenge.