Journey to Topaz

Journey to Topaz

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This set of 20 Brashcards™ features sentences inspired by the historical young adult novel Journey to Topaz {affiliate link}, written by Yoshiko Uchida and based on the author's personal experiences during the Japanese internment of World War II. This book complements the subject matter covered by Classical Conversations during Cycle 3 when students study American history. 

The mini literature pack contains a variety of simple and compound sentences like these: 

  • Yuki’s Japanese parents were law-abiding American citizens, but authorities treated them with suspicion.
  • The journey to Topaz was miserable.
  • Father was a wonderful peacemaker, and he ministered to the families in the camp.

Visual students will appreciate Grammar Nerds Club's color coding for various parts of speech as they learn to diagram sentences. 

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