Brashcards are almost here!

But the best news? They're only $10 for the entire set of 96 cards!

That's an awesome deal. It's basically the same cost as two really fancy cups of coffee or whatever type of decadent treat that you occasionally enjoy. Like that fancy coffee, you don't have to have our cards to teach your students how to diagram sentences, but they sure to do make it enjoyable and add something special to what otherwise might seem like drudgery. Unlike that fancy coffee, once you buy them, you have them forever!

And our Ancient History set is just the beginning. With plans for theme-specific sets ranging from science to literature to Bible stories, there's sure to be something that will pique your child's special interest and enhance his understanding of sentence diagrams. Beginning in August, you'll also be able to access a members-only "Clubhouse" with complementary content designed to be used alongside our Brashcards. Our app is currently in development as is a top-secret product that tactile learners are going to adore!

So thanks for stopping by our clubhouse. Please come back on May 1 and check out our first set of Brashcards. We really think you're going to like it here!


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