2023 Winter Brashcards Challenge

Are you a language arts teacher or CC Essentials tutor who wants to motivate your students to enjoy a little bit of fun school work during the holiday break? We have the perfect solution: our 6th annual Winter Brashcards Challenge! If you would like to create a custom challenge for your children or your class, you can use these sentences for diagramming.

The 20 sentences included in this free download feature the delightful book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (affiliate link), and they are a mix of simple and compound structures. The download package includes the following resources that you can use to help students keep track of what they've completed: Brash sticker charts, banana "stickers," Clubhouse ID cards (punch cards), and Brash Cash. Just look over the materials, think about how you could use them with your students, and send out your custom challenge details so they can start working.

If you'd like to include sentences that have a complex structure for students with more advanced diagramming skills, you may be interested in our Robin Hood mini literature Brashcard pack.

Here are some ideas for prizes that you could award to students who complete your #WinterBrashcardsChallenge (affiliate links):

If you create a challenge, we would love to see what you end up doing with the materials provided in the download. Tag your social media posts with #WinterBrashcardsChallenge @grammarnerdsclub!