Week 7



Gideon and Samson are found in the Bible:  Judges 6-8 and Judges 13-16, respectively.

The Zhou Dynasty started around the time that Ruth and Boaz (of the Bible) were getting married. King Wen's second son, Wu Wang, overthrew the Shang family using their own slaves and prisoners of war. Wu convinced the captives to turn against their tyrant king and fight for him! The Shang king set his palace on fire and ended his life in the flames after the humiliation of this defeat. We recommend Lesson 29 of The Mystery of History:  Volume 1 for the entire fascinating story. 




Card 7D: Compare the Shang Dynasty with the Zhou Dynasty, and consider King Wen's sons.

This sentence contains the possessive noun adjective "King Wen's." We have chosen to color code this with green on the Brashcard because, although it is a noun, it functions as an adjective answering the question "whose" in this sentence.

This would be a good time to talk to your student about how to differentiate between possessive and plural.  True grammar nerds can't stand to see incorrectly placed apostrophes! 


While proofreading the sentences for this week's imperative compound Brashcards, we debated about whether to include nouns of direct address to differentiate between subjects since the subject of every imperative sentence is (you).  One of our proofreaders asserted that (you) would be diagrammed on the subject line and the verbs would be diagrammed as compound verbs.  I agree.  However we needed to honor the compound structure for this week's sentences, so we decided to stick with the sentences that we ultimately chose, assuming that they were made of two complete independent clauses.  Yes, we could have used nouns of direct address, but sometimes that confuses students who are inclined to assume that the NDA is the subject, so we'll hit that skill later.


Students and teachers can now celebrate being 25% finished with the Ancient History Brashcards pack by the time they reach these sentences!  The content will get progressively more difficult, so be sure to check this members-only content section or feel free to reach out to us if you hit a snag.



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