Printing your Brashcards

Brashcards are designed with content on the front and back of each card. Because there is content on both sides, the cards will be easier to read and more durable if you print them on card stock paper.

The PDF file contains title cards and set information on the first two pages with the flashcard content starting on page 3. Pages 3 through 50 are designed to be printed duplex (two-sided) with the sentences on the fronts of the cards (odd numbered pages) and the parsing and diagramming on the backs (even numbered pages). You’ll see that there are 4 cards to a page, for a total of 96 cards once they are printed and cut.

The most dependable and easiest way to print the cards is to open the file using Acrobat Reader, software designed to be a global solution for viewing and printing documents on any computer operating system. If you’re a Mac user and would prefer to use Preview instead, we have also included directions for that program. If you do NOT have Acrobat Reader installed (or aren’t sure if you do) or if you’ve attempted to print the cards and have run into problems, please refer to more detailed printed instructions here. 

Printing with Acrobat Reader

In Page Sizing & Handling, select the following options:

  1. Actual size
  2. Print on both sides of paper
  3. Flip on short edge

Click Print.

Printing with Preview (Macs only)

  1. Next to Copies, click the checkbox for Two-Sided.
  2. In the Orientation field, choose landscape (icon to the right).
  3. While in this view, make sure that the Scale is set to 100%.
  4. Next, under Orientation, from the dropdown menu choose Layout.
  5. From Layout options, next to Two-Sided, choose Short-Edge binding.
Click Print.