Nerd Search

Nerd Search is a fun language arts game for any number of players.  Check it out!

Variations in Game Play

  • For most basic game play, place the deck face down and simply allow each player to take a turn by drawing the top card from the deck.  Follow the card's instructions to find a grammar concept in your chosen book.  If you wish to keep score, each card may be awarded 1-3 points based on the number of stars at the top of the card.  You could play to a certain number of points or for a certain time frame.
  • For a simple variation, deal each player 5 cards and place the remaining cards face down in the center.  Begin with the youngest player and allow each person to play a card of choice.  If a card is too difficult to complete, discard it and choose another from the pile.  Continue game play until everyone has completed 5 tasks.
  • In order for a student to play independently, give the student a small stack of cards and some sticky tabs.  Allow the student to mark his tasks in a chosen book with the sticky tabs and have his teacher check them when completed.
  • For another variation of independent play, challenge the student to complete tasks during her regular reading time.  Can the entire deck be used?!
  • My students' favorite method of game play is the most competitive:  They turn over one card and then race to see who can find it first in their books.

Please use the form below to send us your ideas for other variations of game play!