A thousand-word photo?

Have you ever heard the expression "A picture is worth a thousand words?"

We thought it might be fun for GNC fans to come up with a sentence to diagram inspired by the photo above. Can you tell what's happening? What's the first thing that you notice? Does it make you feel any particular way? Does it remind you of anything?

Here are a few that we thought of:

  • Think pink. 
  • Pink is my favorite color!
  • She blew pink powder in your face?
  • Tyro called the powder magical, but it was only magenta-colored cornstarch. 

Try diagramming one of our sentences or make up your own. Either way, snap a pic and tag us on Facebook or Instagram! We want to see your diagrams, grammar nerds! #brashcards #grammarnerdsclub

P.S. What's *your* favorite color?

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