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General Questions

Yes! Each of the sentence patterns included in our Brashcards sets is taught in CC's Essentials program. The numbers on the bottom of each Brashcard will help you order them according to the order in which the sentence patterns are introduced in Essentials. Owing to the complexity of the sentences in the last quarter of the year (Weeks 17-24), these patterns may not match up exactly to the pattern sequence presented by your student's Essentials tutor, but you will definitely find multiple sentences that conform to each pattern in each set of Brashcards. The only exception to this rule is the smaller Brashcards sets, which may not include all 7 sentence patterns. Always be sure to check the product description to see which patterns are included! 

We're so glad you asked! Brashcards are easy to integrate into your grammar studies. Independent students enjoy taking a card, reading the sentence, then parsing and diagramming that sentence on the worksheets provided in each set. After they've completed their parsing and diagramming, they can flip over the card to check their work. Younger students can practice their recognition of the various parts of speech by underlining words with markers or crayons: each set comes with a key to the colors used in Brashcards, so a student could underline all of the nouns in red, for example. For teachers/tutors who want to help their student practice spelling and punctuation, they can read aloud a Brashcard sentence and practice those grammar skills, too. 

We love Essentials tutors and we love seeing them use our Brashcards in their Essentials classes! Our digital license allows you to freely use the cards within your classroom setting in whatever way you choose. However, if you require your students to diagram Brashcards sentences as part of work they take home, then each family would need to purchase their own set of cards.

No. Brashcards may be printed as many times as you need to print them to serve the children in your family. Buy them once and use them for multiple years with multiple children!

Because the PDF file for each Brashcards set is designed with a landscape orientation, you'll need to choose "short side" duplex printing for them to be aligned properly front to back. Detailed instructions regarding printing are included with each set of Brashcards along with a print release if you choose to have them printed at a retail store that requires permission.